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Handy Applications that Assist in Essay Writing

Handy Applications that Assist in Essay Writing

Logic, order, and organization are the three most important aspects of academic writing. If any of these points are missing, the paper becomes boring, hard to comprehend, and irrelevant. At the same time, it is critical to mention that a unique level of knowledge, expertise, and writing skills are indispensable for students who strive to succeed with the experience.

Unfortunately, according to the results of numerous studies, college students lack not only the time and desire to work on writing assignments but also the skills and knowledge necessary for prosperity. As a result, most of them are demotivated and discouraged, which leads to constant academic failures.

Luckily, with the development of technology, learners have got unlimited solutions that may simplify the task and make each writing project simpler and more convenient. First of all, it is critical to mention online platforms that help students accomplish the most complicated academic projects stress-free. No matter if you lack time as you need to combine studying with work, or you have no researching experience necessary for the achievement of the desired results, professional essay writing services may help you thrive with the project.

The only thing you will have to do is to leave a “write my paper for me” request, mention paper specifications, pay for the assignment, and watch professionals do their job. Safety, anonymity, affordability, and convenience of such experiences are guaranteed.

On the other hand, if you are ready to accept the challenge and work on a consistent and well-structured paper, you should consider alternative options. Surfing the web, you will notice a plethora of up-to-date applications and services that help learners edit and proofread the texts, stick to the formatting requirements, keep the ideas, create a comprehensive outline, and succeed with other stages of work. Are you excited about their functions? Check out some of the most beneficial apps to advance the quality of your writing to an exceptionally new level.

Pro Writing Aid

From the variety of writing applications available online, this one seems the handiest not only for college students but also for copywriters, bloggers, and other masters of the word. A cloud-based platform helps to detect and correct errors, typos, and mistakes. Excellent punctuation, grammar, spelling, and formatting are guaranteed.

Browsing the service website, you will notice two types of subscriptions, including free and paid ones. Start with a 14-day trial to test the application and make sure it is worth your attention.


Talking about online editors and writing assistance platforms, it is impossible to miss Grammarly, as it is one of the best instruments used by students. The app helps to enhance the essay readability, contributing to its structure, form, and grammar. Just insert your paper and watch all the mistakes being automatically highlighted. Confirm the correction or deny the variant.

Additionally, using Grammarly, you will get a plethora of other services, including the translator, plagiarism checker, vocabulary, and others. The app is compatible with most operating systems and devices, so it can be used at any time and at any place.


Planning is one of the critical aspects of the essay writing process. If you are currently working on the essay outline, Evernote is the exact app that may help you succeed with the undertaking much faster.

Keep browsing the web in search of relevant and up-to-date information on the topic. Use the free service to save the most important articles and websites. Using the platform, you will automatically get 60MB of space for free. The straightforward interface makes even the most intricate features simple to use.


Structured diagrams, consistent projects, and comprehensive papers are much easier to create with FreeMind. The application helps to categorize the topical information, guiding your mind in the direct direction every time you need it. The innovative encryption system guarantees maximum safety and confidentiality of the experience.


Do you miss your thoughts every time you get distracted? It is time to download Simplenote, as it is one of the most convenient apps for taking notes. Keep all your ideas organized and stored in one place, and use them anytime you need it.

According to the reviews of experienced users, Simplenote is one of the most appreciated note-taking services valued for its convenience, simplicity of use, and compatibility with most devices.

Focus Writer

Are you working on coursework or a term paper? Focus Writer is the app you should consider taking advantage of. The main advantage of the service is an opportunity to keep track of the statistical data automatically. Live stats about the number of words and symbols you have created is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. A free tool with an intuitive interface, different themes, and multiple instruments will help you get the desired result much faster.


What is the most significant part of the essay? This question is widely discussed among writers and scholars, so there is no universal answer. Nonetheless, it is possible to assume that an eye-catching and intriguing title is halfway to success. Check out Scribus as a beneficial instrument that will help you get the necessary inspiration and create the most compelling and relevant essay topics.

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