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How to build customer loyalty on Christmas?

Using Christmas marketing to show your customers how much you value them is a great strategy to strengthen consumer loyalty. The holidays are not just about generating profit from goods sales or service provision. It’s about getting closer to customers who have stuck by you through thick and thin. Here are a few ways to promote customer loyalty during the holiday season.

1.   Get creative with a viral video

If executed properly, viral marketing could be incredibly effective. A viral video is the most simple way to promote anything. If you want to keep your clients loyal to your brand, use video to enhance their experiences with your company. Customers that are happy with your company will likely promote it to others.

Video can have many uses, including customer acquisition, onboarding, education, and exceptional service. And by including this form of content in your marketing plan, you will quickly find success! Many viral videos have influenced to move several people to tears. Make an effort to do something unique and heartfelt for your current and potential customers.

2.   Provide Incentives

One simple way to show appreciation for repeat customers is to provide them with a coupon for a special discount or gift. Many studies show that most people who use gift cards spend more than the card was worth.

Customers are more likely to make purchases at your store if you provide regular benefits, such as discounts, coupons, and cashback. They would be able to afford more thanks to the sales, leading to them spending more at your store. More customers and foot traffic would boost your collective revenue and profit. Customers will spend more if they are rewarded for their loyalty. The result of this strategy could be a rise in loyal customers.

3.   Personalize Your Message and Mail 

You should never discount the value of a friendly handshake. A Christmas card can be sent, whether crafted or written by hand. Avoid conveying the impression to your clients that you are handing them something that has been mass-produced.

Spend some time making them something or writing them a card to express your gratitude for their support. PosterMyWall provides some amazing Christmas card templates you can use as a jumping-off point if you need help developing one for your business.

Giving them a promotional item with their names on it is also possible. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide your consumers with a sense of belonging and appreciation, two factors that have been shown to increase customer loyalty.

4.   Add some holiday flair to your emails

Put some eye-catching posters on your website and Facebook page to show your creative side. You can add some festive flair to your blog or email communications for the Christmas season.

If you want to sell more of your items or services, don’t be afraid to utilize bright colors and clichéd phrases. Browse the vast Christmas flyer layouts on PosterMyWall if you’re stuck for ideas.

Compared to other forms of advertising, email marketing proves to be the most productive and successful in establishing contact with potential clients and converting them into paying customers.

5.   Online and mobile marketing

You shouldn’t put marketing on hold because you’re busy this holiday season. The abundance of rival businesses means that now is the time to launch your most robust marketing campaign. Remember that consumers have more disposable income this time of year, making them more likely to purchase your goods. Make your presence felt during the busy holiday shopping season.

6.   Holiday marketing

Create innovative strategies for reaching new customers with your wares. You can reach parents via coupons and millennials through their mobile devices. Younger children write Christmas wish lists, while teens and youngsters rely on online shopping and discount codes. Think about tailoring your marketing to specific demographics. 

Taking advantage of holiday marketing can promote consumer engagement and loyalty, increasing sales and visibility. Get help from platforms like PosterMyWall, which has plenty of Christmas poster templates.

7.   Be Charitable

You may donate to a local charity or a national organization as an alternative to handing away freebies to customers. Charity can receive a predetermined share of holiday revenue. Customers will know about your generosity, helpfulness, and kindness if you let them know about this endeavor. Show them that your company cares about more than just making money.

Helping others and giving back to the community might boost your standing in the eyes of your peers. Securing your place can be difficult if you’re new to the professional world. Customers are sure to be impressed if they see you’re a philanthropist. Your company’s contribution, no matter how limited, will help those in need. There’s no such thing as being too little of a company to make a difference.

8.   Make signs and packaging holiday themed

Now is the time to go all out with your promotional banners and packaging because it is the holiday season. Holiday-themed packaging is a terrific method to show appreciation for the client’s business, inspire brand loyalty, and increase the likelihood that the customer will use the company’s services or products again over the holiday season.

9.   Launch a seasonal ad campaign

Perhaps you’re considering expanding your Christmas marketing effort to be more strategic and methodical. You can count on greater uniformity if you do it this way. During the run-up to Christmas, the campaign’s scope might be expanded from its initial, more modest form.

Launch a promotion that takes advantage of the “12 Days of Christmas,” such as 12 Gifts, 12 Promotions, 12 Discounts, etc. Using the holidays as a marketing opportunity can help you gain a larger fan base and increase engagement with your brand, both of which contribute to higher revenue and more recognition.

10.                     Distribute Merchandise

Now is the time to hand out freebies and promotions. You can distribute marketing materials such as promotional pens, T-shirts, and ballpoint pens. Companies can get much more from client gifts than the money spent on the actual present. Aiming for “meaningful relationships” with clients increases the likelihood of customer retention and repeat purchases for a company.

11.                     Use text messages to promote sales

Always remember the potential of texting. The use of short message service (SMS) advertising is on the rise. The key is to balance being too generic and not specific enough in your statement.

Short message service (SMS) marketing is a fantastic approach to connecting with customers and fostering brand loyalty. When you feel it’s appropriate, promote sales and provide company details to your clientele. Maintaining their importance as the center of attention makes the customer feel valued. Generally speaking, the more you give, the more you receive.

Final verdict:

Besides offering discounts, you may implement several more strategies to boost customer retention and purchases. This holiday season, you may expect a lot of success if you take the time to evaluate your alternatives and implement customer loyalty promotional strategies.


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