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How successful is Jessica millage attorney?

Attorney Jessica Millage holds a family law licence in the US state of Iowa. She has extensive experience working as a lawyer and has amassed a wealth of knowledge in a variety of legal practise areas throughout that time. Her full name is Jessica Ann Millage, and she is admitted to practise law in the US state of Iowa. Jessica has been a member of the Iowa Bar since 2004 and has been working as a lawyer.

She has now accrued a cumulative experience of almost 18 years.

Divorce is among the most terrible life events that may happen, and Des Moines divorce lawyer Jessica A. Millage is aware of this.

She finds satisfaction in guiding and motivating her clients through that process and helping them find the best solution to a challenging situation. Ms. Millage manages to remain very calm despite the stress of divorce. She frequently tells her clients to look ahead and not only at what makes sense right now when it comes to custody issues.

Jessica Millage’s academic career Attorney

A little private college in Des Moines, Iowa called Grand View University served as Jessica Millage’s first postsecondary education. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2001.

The top midwestern midsize university in Iowa, Drake University, is where attorney Jessica Millage earned her law education. She graduated in 2004 with a JD.

Jessica Millage, a lawyer, graduated from law school, took the Iowa Bar Exam, passed it, and was admitted to practise law in 2004.

Practice Areas Jessica Millage identifies

In her practise, attorney Jessica Millage focuses on the following areas of law:

divorce, child custody, child support, and family law.

parenting time

Your child is the most important thing in your life. A family lawyer will work to give you more control over your children’s lives.

Child assistance

The less involved parent used to present the other parent with a gift in the past. An attorney will battle to safeguard both your financial interests and those of your children.

divorce and dissolution

Families law experts may help with you to set your divorce goals and educate you on your case whether you are going through a contentious or uncontested divorce.

Family law specialist

Family law is Cordell & Cordell’s exclusive field of practise, with a concentration on modifications, paternity, and men’s divorce. Our divorce attorneys are more knowledgeable about the family court system since they have chosen to specialise in family law.

Attorney Jessica Millage’s professional journey

Jessica Millage has experience working for a variety of law firms. Following is a list of legal firms, starting with the most recent.

Jessica Millage is a member of the Flanagan Law Group and has the status of Senior Associate, PLLC Flanagan Law Group. She began working for this law firm in November 2021 and has been there ever since. She focuses mostly on family law and criminal defence.

Sporer and Flanagan

She served in this company’s legal department as an attorney from February 2009 to January 2012.

Youth law office

Jessica Millage, an attorney with the Youth Law Center in Des Moines, worked there from January 2005 to January 2009. She oversaw court cases involving child welfare.

How do you choose the best attorney to represent you?

Finding the best attorney in town to defend your rights and interests shouldn’t be difficult given the abundance of attorneys in the area. If you don’t know what to look for, you can be wrong.

Beyond only legal fees, a bad lawyer can cost you a lot of money. To maintain your freedom, you might have to make good on any harm done to you.

  • So what do you keep an eye out for?
  • Has the lawyer dealt with similar problems before?
  • Does the lawyer charge a fee for the first meeting? If so, what does it cost?
  • If you believe your problem is typical: Does the lawyer charge a predetermined fee for this matter? What does the fee cover?
  • What is the lawyer’s hourly pricing if your case is more complicated or if they don’t have a set fee?
  • Does the lawyer provide a written agreement specifying costs and services provided for charges?

Additionally, you can use the following guidance when looking for an attorney in Iowa.

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You may think that since lawyers have had legal training, they are qualified to represent you in every circumstance. You might not be wrong, but you’re not fully right either.

Law is a vast discipline, and knowledgeable lawyers frequently concentrate on one or two related areas. Specialization implies that they have understanding of the subject after years of study and experience and are aware of the requirements essential to triumph in instances of a comparable kind, even though it does not prevent them from representing you in other circumstances.

For instance, Jessica Millage, an attorney, concentrates on business law, criminal defence, and divorce & family law, which includes child support and custody. She is an expert in such fields due to her years of experience and in-depth research.

In your search, locate a lawyer who specialises in the area of law that concerns your case.

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Lawful Win Rate

Yes, a lawyer’s prior success in cases provides them confidence and demonstrates their knowledge and comprehension of what it takes to win. Ask them about other cases that featured circumstances similar to your own and how they were resolved.


Examine the attorney’s online reviews, client endorsements, and mentions on other websites. Could you ascertain their level of satisfaction? This should give you a decent idea of how your lawyer would approach and carry out your case.


The Iowa-licensed attorney Jessica Millage is a reliable professional. Since she has been working in several fields for the past 18 years and counting, it is safe to claim that she is an authority on the issue. Therefore, it may be useful to use the information above to help you during your search to find the best attorney to represent you in Iowa.

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