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How Connected TV Can Improve Demand Generation Efforts

The success of your demand generation campaign has the potential to shape your bottom line for better or worse. Crunch the latest numbers of TV watching trends and you’ll quickly understand why the most successful businesses are recognizing the merits of connected TV (CTV) in the context of generating new demand.

Connected TV for Demand Generation

Connected TV ads are similar to broadcast and cable TV commercials, yet, they are also different in the context of advertising content control for audience reach. CTV provides businesses with more control over who views the ads and the frequency in which those ads are displayed.

Choose connected TV spots over broadcast or cable TV commercials and you’ll be able to present video ads at the optimal time to your target audience at your desired frequency.

CTV ads aim to motivate the viewing audience to learn more about the product or service and transition into paying customers.

You can connect with targeted end users by streaming your video ads through connected TV by way of Android TVs, Smart TVs, Roku TVs, or other web-connected devices such as video game consoles. These CTV sources create a conduit between your business and those who need or desire your value offering, presenting an invaluable offering to plant the seed of demand generation.

The most successful businesses on CTV use first and third-party data to present their ads to highly specific audience segments. This targeted approach maximizes demand generation and ensuing sales.

Why is Connected TV Advertising so Successful?

Connected TV is on pace to surpass broadcast and cable TV in advertising success for several reasons. For one, CTV ads are more personalized than broader TV commercials.

Connected TV is supported by a litany of internet-connected devices that grow larger in number by the day. Examples of CTV advertising platforms include but are not limited to the following:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon fire TV
  • Sling TV
  • Fire TV stick
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • YouTube TV

Another part of the appeal of CTV is the fact that the customer’s barrier to entry for viewership of content streamed online is comparably low. There is no need to subscribe to a cable TV or satellite TV viewing package to enjoy CTV content.

The low cost of the barrier to entry to view CTV content is a significant part of the reason why advertising through this medium will continue to expand and likely outpace traditional TV commercials in the near future. As detailed by Forbes, streaming video viewership has already surpassed that of cable TV in homes throughout the United States.

Add in the fact that connected TV users access web-based TV content, on-demand streaming content, and over-the-top content as opposed to the comparably narrow media broadcasts on conventional TV and there is even more reason to dedicate a sizable portion of your marketing budget to CTV ads.

Quantify Your Connected TV Results

Part of the appeal of advertising through connected TV is that it provides the opportunity to accurately track the return on advertising investment. Target your unique audience through CTV ads, delve into the attribution data along with advanced reporting analytics, and continue the analysis moving forward. The linking of CTV advertisement exposure statistics to ensuing online visits to your internet footprint and subsequent sales helps your business obtain a better understanding of the actual impact of those ads.

Connected TV Ads are a Key Component of the Marketing Mixture

CTV ads generate demand in the value offering on their own yet they are that much more effective when used in unison with other components of marketing. Connect your connected TV ads to other parts of your digital marketing campaign and they will complement one another, reinforcing your message and the merit of your value proposition for indelibility.

The best approach to maximize demand generation is to gather data about those who have seen your ads aired on CTV and then retarget them through native or display advertisements presented through other mediums. This strategic approach to demand generation is effective as the whole of the effort makes an impact greater than the sum of its parts.

Start Personalizing Ads Through CTV Today

The primary appeal of airing commercials on connected TV is personalization for heightened demand generation. This seemingly futuristic approach to establishing customer connections narrowly targets users based on devices, demographics, and interests.

Zero in on specific customer demographics and households with connected TV ads, capitalize on the migration away from broadcast and cable TV, and your business will build momentum that culminates in the form of additional demand, paving a path toward the sales your business needs to expand its revenue across posterity.

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