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Holiday at Home – the Choice of Champions

Eric is starting to feel desperate.  He seems to have been hacking through dense undergrowth and vegetation for hours now, though in reality it has only been a few minutes. He deftly swings his metal club from side to side, while scanning the forest floor for his illusive quarry.  As yet he has found nothing.  In the distance he thinks he can here people calling his name and laughing but its probably only the raucous cries of the startled black birds circling above the trees.

Monica wipes a bead of sweat from her brow with the back of her hand.  She closes her eyes and starts to breath slow and deep.  In fortwenty,hold, hold, then outfor twenty. She repeats this again and again, each time feeling her pulse slow and her mind focus. She opens her eyes andlooks up.  One long breath more and then she reaches down with her right hand and draws an arrow from the quiver at her side.

Gripping the nock between her first two fingers, she slips it over the bowstring and lets the shaft of the arrow drop into place on the rest.  She breathes deeply once more and slowly draws back the bowstring, letting her focus move along the length of the arrow, past the head and then out towards her target.

Eddy flops down on the bench.  He dries the sweat off his face with a towel then reaches down into his bag and pulls out a bottle of water.  He twists off the cap and takes a long slow swig of the cool clear liquid.  He wipes his face, screws the cap back on and then drops the bottle back into his bag.  He looks down at his feet and digs his heels into the soft turf.

Closing his eyes, he replays the last few moments of his young life in agonising slow motion.  The pass, the sprint, the taking aim, the open goal, the swing.  Where the hell did that defender come from?He looks up.  Thinks of England and then jumps up and runs to take his place back on the pitch.

Margo lies back on her sun lounger and breaths in the warm air.  She can smell the aroma of exotic fruits and flowers, a touch of jasmine maybe, a hint of pineapple?  Gentle music is playing in the background.  She breathes deeply and slowly, thinking of… nothing in particular.  Then she reaches out a lazy arm, searching for the cool gin and tonic on the table next to her.

Ah!“There you are!”  Eric reaches down and finds his illusive golf ball under a pile of dry beech leaves.  He sweeps away the twigs and leaves and then looks up.  There, between two trees, is the green, with the red flag over the hole fluttering in the summer breeze.  He takes his shot and the ball slips between the trees and bounces twice on the green before coming to a stop about a yard from the hole.  The distant birds are cheering and clapping now.

Monica holds her breath.  Waits for a few seconds, then releases her grip on the bowstring. The arrow flies straight and true and sinks deep into the gold circle at the centre of the target.

Eddy runs wide over on the right wing.  He twists, turns, runs into the centre, picks up the cross and strikes hard and fast towards the goal.  The goalie leaps, misses, and the ball punches into the back of the net.  The defender comes up to him and slaps him on the back.  “Well done mate, cracking shot.”

Margo opens one eye to check the time.  Time for another swim before dinner?  Oh yes, I think so!  Or maybe just another half an hour on the sun bed.  Yes. That’s probably better.  Don’t want to over-do it!  What a good idea to avoid all that fuss and nonsense at the airport and have a peaceful and relaxing holiday here instead.  I bet it was my idea?

The Manor & Ashbury Resorts in Devon, the Choice of Champions. It’s a fantastic holiday destination for families as well.”

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