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How Healthcare Plans Help Businesses & Their Employees

Today’s fast pace of life causes health-related issues that simply didn’t exist a generation ago when working hours were a standard 9-5.  You don’t need to run a massive corporation employing thousands to offer a workplace healthcare plans.  Many insurers offer a tailor-made plan to suit the size of your business and the needs of its employees.  Offering such perks can increase staff morale and worker retention and reduce absenteeism.  

Business Medical Insurance or Healthcare Cash Plans?

Policies vary widely, but medical insurance usually covers employees’ medical needs including diagnosis, tests and treatment – whether in-patient or outpatient.  It runs in tandem with the NHS rather than as an alternative. Therefore, employees are still able to access the free services of the NHS if necessary.  (For example, in an emergency.)  However, if you wish to offer your employees well-being checks, access to complementary medicines such as acupuncture and/or help in tackling mental health issues, these tend to be a costly optional add-on.

In these circumstances, the best option might be to offer your workers a healthcare plans.  This type of policy gives them easy access to routine healthcare plans visits including dentists, opticians and physiotherapists.  It might even include treatments typically excluded from medical insurance policies such as cosmetic tooth whitening or laser eye surgery.  Some policies also offer discounts on preventative treatments such as spa visits (such as aromatherapy massage for stress-related issues) or gym membership. 

Prevention is Better than Cure

Workers have rights which offer them full protection from unfair dismissal or abusive work practices.  However, this means it’s now the responsibility of the business-owner to ensure their workforce is happy and satisfied.  Schemes like workplace healthcare schemes and/or a Counselling or Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) can be economic decisions since they benefit both employer and employees equally.  Through a phone helpline or face-to-face visits, a professional EAP advisor can encourage workers to talk about a wide range of issues affecting their work and/or lifestyle.  Whether it concerns their finances, career or domestic problems like parenting, they will be offered emotional and practical support.  This has a direct impact on the workplace as repeated research has shown that a happy employee is a productive one. 

Programmes for Business-owners

Apart from one-on-one work with employees, some corporate programmes also offer advice to employers about their style of management since this can be an important cause of work-related stress.  From recruitment to personal development, such guidance can also prevent many common workplace issues from ever arising.  Like an EAP, this can more than pay for itself when absenteeism is reduced.  It’s been estimated that 12 million working days in the UK were lost for work-related stress alone last year. Even if your company doesn’t offer the full range of benefits of a healthcare cash plan, looking after your well-being is crucial for both you and your family.  In such situations, a direct lender can offer instant payday loans when you need them with an easy online application.

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