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Colorado Priest Pocketed $1.3M in Crypto Because ‘The Lord Told Him To

One of the latest headlines drawing attention to Colorado is the pastor who pocketed $1.3 million in crypto because ‘the lord told him to’. If only we could all get away with things because the lord tells us to. In all fairness, he’s not getting away with it. Apparently, 300 people gave up over $3.2 million collectively because he told them to.

Eli Regalado and his wife, Kaitlyn, are in the middle of a civil lawsuit because, on God’s mission, he flogged INDXcoin to fellow Christians and promised them a divine path toward richness. And that’s why they’re suing him – he made a promise the lord couldn’t keep. It’s funny, really, he could have at least picked bitcoin – the bitcoin price on different exchanges is high, and maybe they’d have made their money.

Jokes aside, because we probably shouldn’t joke, in case thy lord is watching, this proves that there’s a right and a wrong side to crypto, and we’re going to focus on the right. The holy side, if you will.So follow our path of…enlightenment, and we promise to send you on a divine path towards crypto knowledge.

How To Do Crypto Right

How to do crypto right? Start from the basics. Understanding the foundational principles and best practices helps you understand how you’ll invest and where your money might end up.

You should also understand the market dynamics and the technology behind cryptocurrencies along with the regulatory environment. And the thing is, the regulatory environment and the coins themselves are constantly changing.

Impulsive trades are naturally a big no-no. Just because a coin is low in value, it doesn’t mean it’ll rise and make you money. But that’s where the dos and don’ts of crypto come in. More on that later.

How To Start Investing

It begins with a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and how the market operates.

Start with researching and selecting a reliable crypto exchange platform. You can then find a crypto wallet that you’d like to use.Educate yourself about different cryptocurrencies (there are thousands) and their market trends. Understanding how to read cryptographs will help.If anything, start small and work your way up. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

The Crypto Dos

The dos can significantly impact the trajectory of your investment journey. Alongside the essential practices of staying informed and securing your accounts, engage in community discussions and expert analyses. Crypto forums and reputable news sources can offer valuable insights. Not all of them, but most of them.

Do allocate time to understand the underlying blockchain technology and how the technology can benefit you. This knowledge can empower you to make more informed decisions.

Do consider the liquidity of your crypto assets – some have higher liquidity than others, and some have future events that’ll impact their value. The media is actually your best resource – they’ll tell you of everything happening crypto-wise.Do try setting realistic goals and regularly review and adjust your portfolio based on market conditions. The thing with crypto is you do have to be on the ball.

The Crypto Don’ts

Navigating the crypto means good insight and a cautious approach to avoid common missteps. You shouldn’t really do it without research. Don’t overlook the significance of a well-structured investment plan. That’s the same for any investment.

Steer clear of dubious investment schemes and too-good-to-be-true promises often associated with ‘pump and dump’ setups. The pastor’s situation is an example.

And don’t underestimate the volatility of the market. Sudden price swings can lead to substantial losses.Don’t disregard community sentiment and expert opinions – there’s definitely tons of it on the internet, but don’t follow them blindly. Critical thinking and independent research are your best tools.

The Future of Crypto

The future of cryptocurrency holds immense potential; there’s no denying that. There’s continuous innovation, broader adoption, and evolving regulatory frameworks bringing traditional financial institutions and blockchain technology closer.

In the future, we can anticipate further integration of crypto into mainstream financial systems, the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the continued growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Well – NFTs have stalled, but information shows they’re trying to make a comeback.

And there are central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) – they could redefine the landscape of digital money. They aim to combine traditional financial stability and blockchain efficiency. Governments are becoming interested in that, and we expect to see more adoption in the future. And yes. challenges remain, particularly in terms of scalability and security, but the future of crypto promises a fascinating convergence of technology, finance, and society.

There’s a path to enlightenment, and it’s following the right one. If a pastor is telling you to invest in a random crypto coin, you probably shouldn’t.Still, whether you’re an experienced trader or a curious newcomer, there are opportunities, risks, and learning to do. By embracing the best practices and staying informed, you can navigate cryptocurrencies. Over 400 million people are doing it. And there’s plenty of information out there to help guide you towards your own decision, not the lords. Although, you can pray to him and ask that it goes well.

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