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Orbit Camera Movement Make Art Now-What is a Robotic Arm?

Josh came up with the idea of a motorised rotating camera setup that is motion-controlled to create art right now. Similar to Axibo, The Marbl Orbit is a motion control orbit camera contraption that you can hang from your ceiling and spin in any direction. Both real-time and slow motion options are available.

It is a means to film yourself or a subject in an original and interesting way without utilising a film crew. On Kickstarter, a robotic camera control is currently up for grabs with super early bird pledges starting at just $0.

Josh Yeo: Who is he?

Filmmaker Josh Yeo, who is located in Los Angeles, has succeeded in turning an orbit camera movement into contemporary art. Josh also released Anamorphia 2, which is also quite important, but we are here to talk about his most recent endeavour.

In one of his most recent videos, Josh introduced the Marbl Orbit, a robotic arm that he (and a few others) invented and which is now for sale on Kickstarter.

Describe Marbl Orbit.

The low-cost camera robot has two moveable arms that can change the camera’s height, tilt, and roll as well as how close it is to the subject. Bolts with rapid releases enable quick changes.

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The apparatus also has a motor attached to the ceiling.

As Josh demonstrated in his interview, this configuration should result in smooth orbital movement for good b-roll or interview clips.

Users may set up two cameras, a camera, a backdrop, a little light on one side, and so on.

Four Velcro straps and one camera attachment are included in the set.

Still another intriguing idea is the Focus Ball. It is a small, moon-shaped balloon that hangs in the middle of the device to help with concentration.

The Motor of the Marbl Orbit

The motor of an orbit camera movement can now rotate between 1/60 RPM (1 turn every 60 minutes) and 10 RPM, giving you a wide range of options for choosing your ideal RPM. It is entirely silent and very smooth down to 3 RPM.

With no concern about shaking or vibrations, you may capture 360-degree product photos with lenses you’ve never used before, like high magnification telephoto lenses and the Laowa 24mm probing lens.

In order to ensure that your shots seem how you want them to, you may also move the ORBIT by hand to preview and check your orbit 360-degree photos.

LED Lighting.

The rotating bar’s shadows may be removed by the LED light underneath the motor, which will also illuminate the target (from other lights). The brightness of the light can be changed by the orbit camera’s motor from 0 to 100%. Depending on brightness, the 4,400 mAh internal battery might last 8–10 hours. A laser is incorporated into Marbl Orbit to identify the pivot spot.

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Focus Marbl Orbits

The centre of the bottom of the automatic camera movement is where the magnetic focus ball is attached. To lock the focus settings, you must first lock your attention on the ball before switching to manual focus mode.

Make art now, as your product will be directly in the path of the orbit camera movement. The magnetic focus ball will help you maintain constant focus when aiming squarely at the product’s pivot point, keeping your subject in focus the entire time. When you’re done, simply drag the focus ball downward and off.

Available Versions of It

Marbl Orbit comes in three different versions:

Default Model

It includes a ceiling mount, the motor unit, and the movable arms.

Model from the studio

The LED ring light in the middle and everything from the Base model are included.

The Pro Model

It includes the Studio model, a travel case, and an outside mount for combination stands, high risers, and c-stands. The typical Studio model can hold up to 6.5 pounds (2.9 kg).

You may obtain yours.

You may now purchase Josh’s development for the orbit camera movement to create art on Kickstarter. $799 is the Super Early Bird pricing. The price goes up to $899 and then $999 once these units are gone. $1,099 is the suggested retail price.

The Studio model costs $899 when it launches early. The price increases to $999 and then $1,099 once these units are gone. The $1,399 suggested retail price. Early bird pricing for the Pro model is $1,599, and its final selling price is $1,799.

Application for Orbit Camera

It is also possible to operate the motor and laser lights using the orbit camera app. With the aid of the application and the laser adjustment, you may change the lights’ brightness and rotational speed.


With Josh Yeo’s orbit camera movement, cinematography has advanced. To make a movie, you don’t need a crew. It is a fantastically effective multitasking camera. Three versions are offered to help you launch your filmmaking career.

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