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The cruelty of Google

Now who will build the desert for the people? Because Google has taken away a common man’s livelihood.
AI was the support of the common people who used to use it. The support has gone unchained. Google has an appeal. Have mercy on the common people. Deindex and re-index the websites.

Now what is the human being to do?

Why should we close our websites now? No, copy the articles of big websites and put them on your own websites. Copy the article anywhere and link it, AI is very good, Google has not run its own shop anymore

There is a solution:

Who are we Google’s cruel child? What is the big websites, you have found the website by copying their articles, then the link to this website is linked to the way or the fun that you have closed your website. This is what I think now. Google wants to run its own shop now

Massive De-Indexing Google Cruelty

Google’s March 2024 core update de-indexes hundreds of websites so far, targeting AI-generated spam and prioritizing high-quality, human-generated content. Google’s March 2024 core update de-indexed hundreds of websites in its early stages, targeting low-quality content and AI-generated spam.
AI was the soul of the common man that Wu uses, a support that he has not taken away, Google took pity on the common man.

Ian Natal, who will make the common man a means of taking away his livelihood and will make him a victim of the common man’s ill-treatment, the common man will not forgive him, he will have to ignore the thought of the common man, the common man will have to do nothing about them There was fear of God


By not updating Google, it wanted to remedy the oppression of the common man by warning the websites of the common man. Apologize to the common man’s websites that are deindexed, re-index them, Big Websites , be the voice of the common man, don’t leave them alone.

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