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Tips for Creating an Amicable Custody Arrangements

In America, 50% of all children will see their parents’ marriage end.

If you are divorcing, there is no doubt about it that major changes will begin to take place in your everyday life, including the raising of your children. The conflicts that arise during a divorce also have the potential to impact your children, especially when it comes to custody issues.

At this time, you’re likely wondering what you can do to make your divorce amicable. Creating amicable custody arrangements can be instrumental in helping your children and you cope with the divorce. To learn more about making custody arrangements work, continue reading.

Clarifying Your Goals and Priorities

An amicable joint custody arrangement is best achieved when both parents clearly communicate their goals and priorities. Both parties will come to an agreement easily if both are organized and thorough in clarifying what you both want in a custody arrangement.

To begin, focus on the child’s needs. Make decisions based on the child’s safety and well-being. Establish agreements that can be amended if necessary as the child grows and their needs change.

Understand your rights and responsibilities as a parent. Remain flexible with the other parent’s working schedules and parenting style. It may be helpful to make a list of priorities so that each party knows what is important to the other. 

Keep an open dialogue with the other parent. This is essential for the co-parenting relationship and crafting an easy custody arrangement. Take time to listen to your co-parent’s preferences and open the conversation to exploring potential arrangements.

Establishing Communication Guidelines

Respect for each other is essential. Instead of personally attacking each other during times of stress, parents should take a step back and remain respectful of one another.

Communication should be kept concise and to the point. Unnecessary chatter and gossip will only complicate matters. Parents should avoid engaging in it.

All communication should be channeled through a central platform, such as shared emails or texts. This is to ensure that all information is securely exchanged.

Clear expectations should be laid out by both parties regarding communication frequencies and times. These communication guidelines form the base of amicable shared custody. 

Involving Neutral Mediators in Custody Negotiations

Involving neutral mediators can be a highly effective approach. Neutral mediators understand the complexities of custody negotiations. They can provide a fair and non-biased opinion during custody disputes.

Neutral mediators have an in-depth knowledge of the family law system. They can help both parties understand their rights and come to an agreement that is beneficial for everyone.

They can use their expertise to ensure that each party respects the other’s viewpoint and addresses each key concern that is holding up the negotiations.

This can mean reducing stress and improving communication between the two parties. If you are looking for a mediator, you can hire a divorce lawyer here.

Custody Arrangements That Benefit Everyone

Creating amicable custody arrangements can be challenging. But, it is worth the effort for the well-being of all parties.

To maximize the chances of a successful relationship and quality arrangement, seek the help of a family law attorney. The goal is to look out for the best interest of the children and be as amicable as possible.

Take the steps now to craft a workable arrangement that’s right for everybody involved.

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